Can I get a retainer instead of braces?

Unfortunately traditional retainers are used to retain your teeth’s new position after having an orthodontic treatment. They do not have the strength or capacity to move and correctly align your teeth.

If you do however have a very minor case that requires a small gap to be closed, we do offer cheaper orthodontic treatments, such as the Inman Aligner which may be a viable treatment option for you.

If you are worried about having to wear bulky braces to close the gap, we also offer very light and comfortable teeth straightening options, such as Invisalign.

This patient was unhappy his two lateral incisor teeth being too far back and hidden in his smile as well as the gap in-between his lower teeth. Invisalign was used to straighten his teeth in 11 months followed by teeth whitening.

If you are completely against the idea of having braces there may also be an alternative approach to closing your gap. Dr Gursh Bajwa recently had a patient who had the problem that she was currently a student and was unable to afford an orthodontic treatment to close her gap. Dr Bajwa treated her with a composite build up that met her needs and also allows her to have braces at a later date if she so desires. The young lady was unhappy with the gap between her big two teeth. Due to still being at university she was unable to afford orthodontic treatment. We treated her with a composite build up to close the gap.

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