What is Bruxism?

    Bruxism is the medical term used to describe the condition of grinding your teeth, which can be an involuntary action or habitual. This most commonly occurs subconsciously and happens when you are asleep.

    Is teeth grinding bad?

    In short, teeth grinding can be very bad for your teeth, possibly causing permanent damage to the tooth structure’s protective layer (enamel).

    This can have the repercussion of short term and long term symptoms:

    Short term

    • Dull jaw ache
    • Regular headaches
    • Face muscles aching
    • Tightness/stiffness of shoulders
    • Earache

    Long term

    • Cracked or worn down teeth
    • Sensitive teeth
    • TMJD (tempormandibular joint disorder)

      What can cause teeth grinding?

      There are a few factors which could be the underlying reason that is causing this habit:

      Stress & Anxiety – It is believed that this is the most common cause in the majority of bruxism cases. Emotional anxiety and stress can affect you subconsciously while you sleep.

      Lifestyle – Your lifestyle can also be a cause for bruxism. For example, if you smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs, you are more likely to suffer from teeth grinding.

      Medicines – Mood changing (Psychotropic e.g. anti-depressant) drugs are known to have bruxism as a side affect.

      Abnormal Bite – For example, if your upper and lower teeth do not touch when your mouth is shut, this would be considered an abnormal bite (e.g. under/over bite). If your teeth are crooked or you are missing a couple, then you are also more likely to suffer from Bruxism.

      How to treat teeth grinding

      Because the majority of the time teeth grinding occurs during the night, there are devices that the sufferer can wear while sleeping.

      Mouth Splint – Splints are fitted over the upper/lower teeth. They are custom made out of a hard plastic to your exact measurements.

      Mouth Guard – These guards cover your teeth and are made from a bendy rubber (similar to gum shields worn by rugby players).

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