What is dental fluorosis?

Dental Fluorosis is when the tooth enamel experiences a high level of exposure to highly concentrated levels of fluoride during the natural stages of tooth development.

Who does this effect?

Dental Fluorosis generally only happens between the ages of 3 months to 8 years old. In most instances, if Fluorosis does occur, it will often be very unnoticeable (with tiny white specks or streaks on the surface of the affected teeth).

However, in severe cases of Fluorosis the teeth can become very discolored, uneven and rough (making it hard to clean), and there may also be brown markings.Even though Fluorosis causes permanent stains and spots (which can darken over time), we are able to treat patients using Enlighten or kor teeth whitening treatments.

How can I prevent fluorosis from happening?

Fluorosis occurs because the young child comes into excessive contact with Fluoride during the important development stages of their life.

What contains fluoride?

Fluoride can be found in a number of sources, including:

  • Mouthwash (not all mouthwash – Check the ingredients)
  • Foods (Soy and a lot of processed food can contain Fluoride)
  • Water (the level of Fluoride will vary from area to area and will be higher in less developed areas/countries)

It is important to monitor your child’s intake of Fluoride (which can be hard) to ensure that this condition does not develop. It is also important that your child regularly attends their dental check up appointments as your dentist will be able to identify the early stages of Fluorosis.


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