Can 6 month smile braces correct protruding teeth?

6 Month Smiles is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment that can straighten your teeth in approximately 4-9 months. The best cases for 6 Month Smiles braces are crowded teeth with a good bite. Protruding upper teeth can be easily aligned with 6 Month braces if there are spaces present between the teeth because, as teeth come together, they will retrocline in their position.

Proclined Teeth Corrected with 6 Month Smiles Braces Case Study

This patient presented with severely proclined upper teeth which she was unhappy with. We used 6 Month Smiles braces to retrocline the teeth, however the teeth needed to be reshaped to allow them to be pushed back.

What is the ideal orthodontic treatment for protruding teeth?

Ideally Damon braces are the ideal treatment as this system is excellent at pushing the teeth back as the roots are torqued into position. Damon braces are available in a clear bracket, however the wires are metal. A general timeframe for a case with protruded teeth is 12-18 months to get the ideal result.

Will I need extractions to correct the protruded teeth?

This primarily depends on the profile of the patient. If a patient has a very full profile, which he/she is unhappy with, then extractions can be recommended. Following the teeth extractions the space gained can be used to pull the front teeth back and hence improving the profile of the patient.

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