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Teeth Whitening

Free Consultations for all Teeth Whitening treatments

If you are unhappy with how your teeth look and it is starting to effect your confidence, smile and life, teeth whitening is one of the most convenient/painless treatments to improve the overall appearance of your smile. We offer the free consultation so we can examine your teeth and offer you the most suitable and effective teeth whitening treatments for you.

Once your teeth whitening programme has been completed we can provide you with further syringes for the low cost of £15 per syringe at any time to top up the affect (we advise you top up once a month – with a syringe lasting you around 6 months!)

Teeth Whitening Process

All our teeth whitening treatments will require an impression of your lower and upper teeth to be taken. Your trays will be sent of to our dental labs to be custom made to your exact measurements (this will usually take 1-2 weeks). Depending on the exact teeth whitening treatment you go ahead with, the procedure will be slightly different:

Please note:

  • It is advised to have a whitening consultation (free) in order to asses which treatment will be the most beneficial to you
  • That some stains, though reduced may not be removed entirely e.g. fluorosis & myosin, tretacycline etc
  • Results will vary from patient to patient
  • Nicotine can mask the effects of whitening and we recommend a regular visit to the dental hygienist