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Polanight Whitening

What is Polanight Teeth Whitening?

Polanight whitening is another one of our custom made tray teeth whitening systems we offer. The treatment is usually completed over 10 consecutive days.

This teeth whitening system has been designed to be worn over night so you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your bed as you sleep.

How quickly before I see any results?

Polanight whitening provides fantastic results in a short time frame – usually within a couple of days you will start to notice the change. We advise that for the duration of the treatment that you try to stay away from food and drink that are known to stain teeth. For example: coffee and red wine can cause significant staining – We will however advise you on the teeth whitening best practices, so that you can achieve maximum results.

How long do the results last?

Polanight whitening results can last a couple of years with only a small monthly maintenance top up (wearing your trays and whitening gel once a month). Additional whitening syringes can be purchased for £15 and can last up to 6 months.

How easy is it to whiten my teeth?

Very easy!

Once your trays have been custom made and are ready for collection, your dentist will show you how to use the trays and gel, and give you an easy to follow teeth whitening instructions to take home and begin treatment on that day.

You can easily wear your trays whilst reading a book or watching television at home.

Why we recommend the free consultation before taking up a teeth whitening treatment

Not all whitening treatments will be the most suited to your needs. We offer the free consultation so we can examine your teeth and get to understand your needs, to enable us to offer you the best advice and most suitable treatments options.