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Invisalign Lite

What Is Invisalign Lite?

Invisalign Lite provides an even faster overall treatment than Invisalign. It is a programme designed to straighten teeth quickly, making use of the latest in Invisalign technology.

Invisalign Lite has been designed to be a faster treatment than Invisalign to correct minor level problems:

  • Badly positioned teeth
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Spacing
  • Poor teeth alignment
  • Overcrowded teeth

What Can Invisalign Lite Offer You?

Invisalign Lite is an alternative cosmetic orthodontic treatment which will give you a beautiful smile in the future without compromising your appearance in the present. It is comfortable to wear and will not be noticed by others since it is virtually invisible.

The main benefits of the Invisalign treatment are:

  • Comfortable: Invisalign lite is a comfortable treatment as each aligner is custom-made to perfectly fit the individual patient
  • Discrete: The braces are invisible so nobody will even know that you are undergoing treatment
  • No tightening: The aligners are removable and are swapped every few weeks so there are painful tightening procedures and no elastic bands to get in the way
  • Faster acting: Treatment time is considerably shorter than other orthodontic dental treatments

Invisalign Lite Treatment Process

Going ahead with Invisalign Lite consists of several stages:

  • Dentist takes a digital image of your teeth and a mould from which to create the aligner
  • Aligners are custom built to fit the individual patient’s teeth
  • Patients will have to wear a series of different aligners during the programme
  • Every 6-10 weeks a progress check up will be needed

How Long Will Treatment Take?

The overall treatment time will differ between patients as no two mouths are the same. The majority of the time, the full treatment programme is completely in less than 6 months. Some less severe issues have been correct in as little time as a few weeks. We offer all of our patients a free consultation with our highly skilled dentists to discuss your treatments in detail. All of the relevant information will be given in one of these sessions and you will have the perfect opportunity to freely ask any questions.