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Invisalign I7

What Is Invisalign I7?

Invisalign I7 is the latest addition to the ever growing Invisalign family. Using the same technology and science behind the Invisalign brand, Invisalign I7 offers patients an invisible teeth straightening treatment which can deliver the desired results in as few as 3 months! Your Invisalign 17 treatment will consist of a series of clear, removable aligners that you will have to change every two weeks. Each aligner will be individually manufactured and tailor made to fit your teeth perfectly. As each aligner is replaced, your teeth will start to move, little by little, week by week, until you are satisfied with their final position.

Ivisalign 17 has many benefits. It is effective in a short period of time and it is customised to your own teeth so will comfortably fit in your mouth. It is also removable so will not cause any problems with eating. One of the main benefits is the fact that it is clear and very hard for people to notice you have braces.

Do I qualify For I7?

Invisalign I7 has been designed to correct minor tooth misplacement’s. We offer a free consultation in which we can assess your specific case and the suitability of this treatment for your requirements. If you are not a suitable candidate, we will also discuss other treatment options to meet your needs.

Why Would I Want The Invisalign I7 Treatment?

Invisalign I7 offers patients:

  • Convenience in straightening your teeth
  • A very discrete method of correcting your teeth
  • Shorter treatment times
  • The perfect solution for minor crowding, spacing or orthodontic relapses

The beauty of Invisalign 17 is that it offers you the latest in discrete orthodontic treatment. The aligners are removable, so they will not cause problems when you eat as you can take them out. They are perfectly moulded to your teeth and will not stick out and hamper your speech at all. They are perfectly clear so others will barely notice that you are undergoing any kind of orthodontic treatment at all.