Immediate Dentures

This type of denture is immediately used to replace your natural teeth after you have had your extractions. If you require a number of teeth that need to be extracted, you may prefer an option which allows you to have an immediate denture. Having multiple teeth missing can make it quite difficult when eating and speaking, in which case, having a denture immediately will be an ideal treatment.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

  • The dentures acts like a bandage during the healing process after the extractions
  • Your teeth will be ready straight away
  • You will adjust to speaking quicker
  • Facial distortion can be avoided

How Are Immediate Dentures Made?

Unlike other denture treatments, an impression of your teeth will be taken before any extractions. These impressions will be sent to our dental lab where they will custom make the dentures to your exact measurements. The lab will then have to do a simulation of your extraction, by grinding down the future extracted teeth on the mold. The denture is then made to fit this mold.

When the dentures come back and you first wear them, it is very likely you will need to have your denture relined slightly, as the simulation extraction will not be 100% accurate.

What is Relining?

This type of denture is used when quite a number of teeth are all extracted at the same time. The healing process for this can therefore be quite long (weeks to months). During this period, your mouth will be undergoing many different changes (bone and gum shrinking), that can affect how well your denture fits.

Dentures that become ill fitting and loose, may require a hard/soft relining. Relining is a process of filling the denture with a paste and then placing the dentures back into your mouth. After biting down for a little while, the paste will have settled and filled any gaps that may of formed due to resorption.