Why would I want to have dental implants?

dental implant is an innovative device used in dentistry to replace a tooth or missing teeth, removing the need for outdated and uncomfortable dentures and the problems that come with them.

There are many significant benefits of choosing dental implants over other treatments. Some of the advantages include:


Although they will initially cost more than other available treatments, choosing dental implants as a long-term investment gives better value than other treatments such as dentures – the cost of which continues to add up over the years. Traditional options like bridges need to be replaced relatively often, whereas implants are extremely reliable and tend to last for much, much longer saving you repeat visits to the dentists as well as fees.

Treatment with implants does not require the teeth adjacent to the tooth loss to be modified in any way; this means that your healthy teeth will not be compromised as they would for most denture or bridge treatment thus reducing the time and cost of the dental work.


Unlike dentures, dental implants feel just like your natural teeth. Plus, where other treatment options may leave you limited in terms of the food you can eat, with dental implants you can feel free to chew and indulge in any food you like – helping you to maintain good nutrition as well as dining out socially with confidence. Implants are also simple and easy to maintain and are treated very similarly to natural teeth.


As dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, an obvious benefit is that of increased self-confidence. Instead of the worries stemming from having unsupported dentures and having to use impractical adhesives, your implants will provide an attractive permanent solution to missing teeth.

Whenever teeth are lost, the teeth and bone structure surrounding the lost teeth will be affected, which can result in crooked teeth, bone loss and an altered jawline structure and facial appearance. The use of implants helps to maintain bone volume through acting as a tooth root – this ensures that your facial profile and jawline definition does not change. It also prevents your other teeth from moving to fill the gap and creating an uneven smile.

We offer a range of advanced dental implant options to our patients, so please get in touch to find out more about this revolutionary and cost-effective treatment.

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