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Sinus Lift Surgery

What is a Sinus Lift?

The sinus lift procedure is when the floor of the sinus is carefully raised and re-positioned.

How long does the Sinus lift take?

The procedure will take between 1-2 hours. Every procedure has the option of being undertaken with intravenous sedation.

Why would I need a Sinus lift?

For a successful dental implant, there needs to be a sufficient height of bone. The sinus lift will re-position the thin membrane (part of the sinus) which will create more height to allow for a successful dental implant.

What does the Sinus lift procedure involve?

  • The sinus membrane will be exposed
  • The sinus membrane is skilfully and carefully lifted
  • The space will be filled with artificial bone granules
  • The affected area will then be left to heal (can take between 3-6 months) and then the implants will be placed
  • A dental implant can also be placed at the same time of a sinus lift in some instances

How much does a Sinus lift cost?

Sinus lift prices will vary from case to case. Please arrange your free consultation today to discuss all options and your dentist will draw up a proposed treatment plan, tailored to your needs, and all costs will be broken down and explained.

Is a Sinus lift suitable for me?

A sinus lift may not be suitable for you, but there are other options that will be discussed during the free consultation. Some of the other available options could be: