Advanced lightwire functional therapy

What is advanced lightwire functional (A.L.F)?

The initials ALF stand for Advanced Lightwire Functionals. It is an orthodontic structure which can be applied to the inside of the patient’s teeth. The ALF has been designed to help align the teeth and the jaw bones over a period time.

ALF can be used in one of two ways. Either it can be used on its own to align a patient’s teeth, or it can be applied before a patient is given their main orthodontic treatment, which reduces the overall time that the process takes.

The ALF appliances are fitted to the patient’s dental arches (both upper and lower), where they apply a constant level of light pressure to both the teeth and the skull bones. It has been clinically proven that these light forces are more effective than sporadically applying heavy forces to the teeth and bones.

Why would I need to have the A.L.F appliance?

The ALF appliances have three main purposes:

  • To correct distortions of the skull
  • To correct dis-alignment of the Maxilla (upper jaw bone)
  • To re-align teeth to improve the patient’s bite

But the benefits of ALF are not just purely orthodontic. ALF can be applied to patients who suffer from chronic fatigue, headaches, neck and shoulder pain to help manage discomfort and to treat the symptoms indefinitely.

The A.L.F appliance features:

  • Improves alignment and bite without the need for cumbersome braces
  • The ALF method is very discrete because it is hidden behind the patient’s teeth. It is therefore completely invisible whilst talking or smiling
  • Unlike traditional metal braces, ALF appliances are very comfortable because they only apply light pressure to teeth and bones
  • Over the course of the treatment there is slow but consistent tooth movement which causes very little pain for patients
  • The treatment is suitable for both adults and children
  • The device is removable so cleaning teeth is not difficult. It is therefore very easy to maintain oral hygiene whilst having the treatment
  • As the device is fitted behind the teeth there is no negative effect on teeth
  • If ALF is used before undergoing other orthodontic treatments, it can decrease the amount of work needed to be done by braces, reducing the time and the cost of the overall treatment
  • The appliances require less adjustments and have to be tightened less often (roughly every 6 – 8 weeks) which means less visits to the dentist for you!
  • ALF is small and unobtrusive so it will not hamper your speech in any way


AcceleDent is an extra device which can be used to speed up the overall treatment time for orthodontic procedures. With constant new advances in orthodontic technology, AcceleDent can be used alongside braces to accelerate the total time it takes to achieve beautifully straight teeth.

AcceleDent is a hands-free, oral device which the patient is recommended to use for twenty minutes once a day. It is straight forward to use and is very easily removable. AcceleDent emits micro-vibrations to encourage the teeth to move, that speeds up the effects of the patients braces, giving them much quicker results. By making the teeth move faster, AcceleDent can help to decrease the overall duration of orthodontic treatment, and may also make the process more comfortable. Not only do the micro-vibrations encourage tooth movement but they can also help to soothe pain caused by forces put on teeth.

Because AcceleDent is a hands-free device, it doesn’t need to impact on the patient’s daily routine at all. Since it only needs to be used for 20 minutes a day, it can easily be fitted into normal activities (reading, watching television, listening to music etc).

Why would I want the acceledent device?

The final outcome of your orthodontic treatment will not be changed, but it can make the process much easier for you. By speeding up the overall treatment time, AcceleDent decreases the duration of any discomfort you may feel from other procedures. The vibrations can also make the whole process more comfortable by easing and relieving pain. The faster treatment process also means that you could save money as you will require less visits to the orthodontic dentist and less ongoing treatments. It also means that you get the perfect smile that you wanted, without having to wait as long.

Patients often use AcceleDent if they are aiming to improve the look of their teeth before a certain deadline, such as weddings, graduations, birthday parties or holidays.

How much time will I save using the acceledent system?

The exact amount of time saved by AcceleDent system is case dependent, but it can help to speed up the overall treatment time by up to 50%

Dany coated archwire

What is an archwire?

Depending on which braces you have chosen, you may have an archwire that is the function applying gentle pressure to straighten your teeth. For example, 6 month smiles and damon braces both use an Archwire.

What are Dany coated archwires?

Dany (Bio Medical Tech company), have come out with an advanced archwire that has addressed many of the problems associated with standard archwires. The main problem that you could have with standard archwires was the discoloration when eating any dark foods, for example, dark sources, currys and dark drinks, coffee, red wine etc. This is the last thing you want if you have opted for the tooth colored wires for a discrete treatment.

Dany’s archwires have a special coat applied to them that will prevent this problem from happening. They have used an FDA approved green polymer coating which is non-toxic.

Dany’s archwire benefits

As well as stopping any discoloration, they will also provide the following benefits:

  • Long duration coating
  • No peeling
  • No fragments will come off
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Low Coefficient of friction (more comfortable for patients)

How safe is the material used in this archwire?

The material is FDA approved to class 4, which has the highest level of approval needed. As well as being used on this archwire, you can find this material on artificial hearts, which are designed for permanent use.

Can this archwire be used with my orthodontic treatment?

This will depend on the type of orthodontic system you choose. If the brace uses an archwire then this may be an applicable option. Your dentist will be happy to discuss all options at your free consultations.


What is a Herbst orthodontic appliance?

The Herbst is a type of orthodontic appliance which can help correct a patients overjet. Often the Herbst will be used alongside an orthodontic treatment, but in some cases, it can also be used as a standalone treatment (for overjets).

What is an overjet

When you close your teeth together and there is a gap between the upper and lower teeth (often with the front upper teeth sticking out crookedly), this is classed as an overjet. This is not to be confused with an overbite, which is when the upper teeth will cover more than half of your lower teeth when they are closed – Both problems can be treated through orthodontics and various appliances though.

How do overjets happen?

Overjets can naturally occur through your genetics as you were developing or the problem can be linked to finger/thumb sucking, nail biting etc which can affect the way your teeth come through if these habits are prolonged.

How can you correct an overjet with Herbst?

When the Herbst is fitted to a patient, it will promote healthy bone growth in the lower jaw whilst stopping it fall backwards. The lower jaw will match the same growth as the upper jaw and they will eventually meet for a nice healthy bite.

Will the herbst be comfortable to wear?

When you are first fitted with an appliance or brace there will be an adjustment period where it will feel strange to begin with. You will however, quickly become accustomed to wearing the appliance and it will be a comfortable and enjoyable treatment with minimal impact on your life (with regards to eating/speaking).

What should i do if there is any pain or soreness?

In the event that you do start to experience any discomfort or pain between your regular checkup/adjustment appointments, it is very important that you make an appointment as soon as possible to see us. During the treatment it is natural for changes to occur in your mouth which may require an adjustment for your continued comfort.

Can i eat normally?

When your having an orthodontic treatment it is always advisable to try and stay away from foods that could cause damage to your brace/appliance:

  • Ice Cold Drink/Food – For example, Ice lollies and slush puppies. Ice can freeze the cement which may loosen up the herbst appliance
  • Sticky foods – For example, caramel and bubble gum – They can get tangled in the Herbst and pull it away from your teeth.
  • Tough, hard foods – For example, strong candies. Biting down onto a tough sweet or piece of food can damage and bend the Herbst.

When ever you undergo an orthodontic treatment, our dentists will always offer you the best practice advice to ensure that you experience the most successful and enjoyable treatments, accomplishing your goals in the process.


Clear Aligners

Invisible braces, sometimes known as clear aligners, are one of the most popular orthodontic treatments for adult patients.


Hidden Braces

Lingual braces sit on the inside surface of your teeth. They're often called hidden braces, because their positioning means you can't see them from the outside.

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What will the impact of orthodontic treatment be?

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