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Cosmetic teeth straightening

Cosmetic teeth straightening focuses on moving the teeth visible in your smile line, usually your front 6 to 8 teeth. 

As the name suggests, this treatment is a cosmetic treatment rather than orthodontic treatment. It won't correct any problems you have with the jaw alignment or bite. We will invite you in for a consultation to establish your individual needs, and recommend the best options for a straightening solution for you.

As these treatments focus on fewer teeth, results can be achieved quicker than full orthodontic treatment, in as little as 6 months.

At Hereford Dental & Implant Clinic, we offer the following Cosmetic Teeth Straightening options:

  • 6 Month Smile
  • Quick Straight Teeth

To find out if this treatment is right for you, give us a call or book online to book your free consultation today!

6 Month Smile

What are 6 month smile/6 month braces?

6 Month Smiles (also known as 6 Month Braces) is the latest in cosmetic teeth-straightening technology from America.

What are the main benefits?

  • Six Month Smiles braces are clear
  • Wires are usually tooth-coloured and very small
  • They cost much less than traditional braces
  • Total treatment time is quicker than with conventional braces
  • The braces are comfortable as teeth are only re-positioned gently

Six Month Smiles makes use of brand new technology which allows clear braces to gently straighten your teeth in an average time of just six months. The technology works by only focusing on the teeth which are visible when you smile (for extremely effective results). The braces do not attempt to make significant structural changes, such as changes to your bite, but instead they focus on non-evasively and comfortably straightening the teeth which are on show in order to give you the attractive, pleasant smile that you’ve always wanted.

How can teeth be straightened in just six months?

It is widely agreed in the orthodontic community that braces are the safest and most effective way of straightening teeth to give patients a beautiful smile. 6 month smiles makes use of the best features of braces, and exploits them to give the best results in a shorter time frame. By using a process that focuses on just the core objectives of the treatment, 6 Month Smiles can achieve great visual results without having to restructure your whole bite.

The special nickel titanium wires are the key component. They focus on just moving the specific teeth which are visible when you smile, so the whole process takes a lot less time than if the whole mouth were to be treated.

Although 6 months is a relatively short treatment time, will I still have to have a mouthful of metal for half a year?

Whilst braces are designed to help your smile look better in the long run, they are not known for being the most fashionable accessory in the short term. But 6 Month Smiles is no ordinary set of braces. The special nickel titanium wires are tooth-coloured, so that they blend seamlessly into your smile. So unlike the traditional image of unsightly metal braces, 6 Month Smiles are virtually invisible.

Is it true that Six Month Smiles braces are more comfortable than regular braces?

These braces do not exert huge forces on your teeth, and you only have to wear them for 6 months so the overall experience is much more comfortable than having normal braces. People often believe that because this is an accelerated treatment, the braces will have to be tightened much more often in order to achieve the same results as regular braces.

This is not true in the slightest. The focus of 6 Month Smiles is not to completely reposition the bite, but just to improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth. The process, therefore, does not need to be as vigorous.

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth is a new invisible orthodontic system that allows you to straighten your teeth very discretely and quickly.

What makes quick straight teeth so different from other invisible braces?

When you decide to go with Quick Straight Teeth you will be choosing the Quick Straight Teeth Programme that unlike other invisible braces, the treatment can use a single appliance or a combination of appliances from the highly developed Q (5 available) teeth straightening range.

Why would I choose the quick straight teeth programme?

The Quick Straight Teeth Programme has been developed for:

  • Fast excellent results seen in 4-16 weeks
  • Virtually invisible clear comfortable removable trays
  • Treats patients at any age
  • Minimal impact on speech/dietary restrictions
  • Staged gentle movements that easily fit into your lifestyle
  • Excellent value for money!

Quick straight teeth appliances

Quick Straight Teeth has designed and developed 5 unique clear and invisible teeth straightening appliances


The Q100 is an individually crafted invisible/clear removable tray which will gently move the teeth into a more aligned position.


The Q200 is a invisible/clear removable appliance that uses a clear elastic powerchain to apply a gentle force to move the front teeth.


The Q500 is the most popular appliance from the Quick Straight Teeth range. All the best bits from the range available has been put into this appliance. A Q spring (which is the worlds first fully enclosed spring) has been added to the appliance to provide the force needed to move the front teeth into a forward aligned position.

The Q500 appliance allows for much quicker movements than a series of clear aligners would deliver. The clear/invisible elastic power-chain will gently pull the front teeth back into position.


The Q300 is a hybrid of the Q500 and has been designed to give the patient more choice to the range of appliances. The Q300 uses an Adams clasp for retention that provides clinicians with an alternative option (to not cover the occlusal surfaces of the teeth).


The Q400 is also a hybrid of the Q500 and has the added feature of molar bands for retention (and has been specifically designed for patients who want the benefits of the Q500 but there has been a compliance issue identified).

Q Retainer

After all teeth straightening treatments it is an important aspect to maintain the results with a retainer. The Q retainer has been designed to work with a bonded retainer and provides extra strength down the patients midline.


Hidden braces

Lingual braces sit on the inside surface of your teeth. They're often called hidden braces, because their positioning means you can't see them from the outside.


    Clear aligners

    Invisible braces, sometimes known as clear aligners, are one of the most popular orthodontic treatments for adult patients.

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      Who can benefit from orthodontic treatment?

      At Portman, we have treated thousands of patients, aged from eight to 88 years old. There is never a point in life where we cannot move healthy crooked teeth into their ideal positions.



      What other benefits does teeth straightening offer?

      Orthodontic treatment improves chewing efficiency by re-establishing the correct relationship between lower and upper teeth, removing the difficulty you may have when chewing certain kinds of food, and so providing better nutrition. 

      In some cases, orthodontics can also prevent complications in the temporomandibular joint (the joint which joins the jaw to the skull). Chronic pain in the head, face, neck or ears, as well as dizziness, nausea and restricted ability to open and close the mouth can originate here.

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