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Zoom Whitening

What is Zoom Power Whitening

Zoom power teeth whitening uses the heat and power of a laser to speed up the whitening effects of the whitening solution applied. This is an in house teeth whitening treatment.

What is the Zoom Power Whitening procedure?

The procedure will consist of:

  • The dentist will remove any plaque off the surface of your teeth (as well as a quickpolish)
  • The dentist will fit a barrier along your gumline for protection
  • The whitening solution will be coated on the front surfaces of your teeth
  • The zoom laser will be used for 30-60 minutes to stimulate the teeth whiteningsolution
  • The teeth will be rinsed with fluoride to help reduce the sensitivity that might have been experienced

How long does Zoom Power Whitening take?

The whole process will take around 1 hour

What are the advantages and disadvantages


  • Optimum whitening results in a quicker time frame


  • Results do not last as long as other whitening treatments

We highly recommend the use of combination whitening, that uses both power whitening for quicker results and polanight home whitening, which ensures longer lasting whitening effects – Quick and long lasting whitening!