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Vivera Retainers

Vivera Retainers were developed to offer a much more comfortable fit for patients. Vivera makes use of similar technology to the Invisalign braces to give patients an orthodontic treatment which is discrete as well as effective.

Vivera retainers aim to protect the perfect smile that your orthodontic treatment has given you. The retainers fit in place over your teeth to make sure that they cannot shift back into their original positions. Studies have shown that without retention, even fully aligned teeth which have been treated with braces for a couple of years can gradually revert back to their initial position. This is a very common problem which affects the majority of orthodontic patients undergoing all types of orthodontic treatment, but it is a problem which has a very simple solution.

Why choose Vivera retainers?

Standard retainers tend to warp out of shape very slightly over time, so whilst they have their benefits, they are not 100% efficient. Vivera retainers are different to normal retainers. They are much more durable so will not twist as easily as time goes on. They are custom made for each patient and come in sets of three.

They are made using some of the most advanced orthodontic technology such as 3D digital imaging, transparent thermoplastic material and advanced fabrication technology. These processes combine to make a retainer which has an extremely accurate fit but is also incredibly strong and durable as well as being virtually invisible.


  • Discrete
  • Minimum Pain
  • Fitted precisely to your mouth
  • Durable
  • No need to have new impressions each year


  • You will need to replace them every 8 to 12 months
  • They have to be worn at night