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Lip Plumping

What is Lip Plumping

Lip Plumping will give you a fuller smile and lips

How does Lip Plumping work?

Soft tissue fillers are injected into your lips, plumping them out for a fuller smile

Why would I want Lip Plumping?

You may want Lip Plumping if you want:

  • Enticing lips
  • Fuller lips
  • Increased self confidence

Is Lip Plumping safe?

When carried out by our highly trained, skilled and qualified cosmetic dental team, Lip Plumping is safe.

How long do the effects of Lip Plumping last?

The different types of lip plumping fillers will last for a different amount of time, varying from a couple of months to a year. Book your free consultation today and discuss all the various options best suited to you.