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Ice Braces

What are Ice Braces?

Undergoing orthodontic treatment can often be a compromise between having the perfect smile in the long run, and having a mouth full of metal in the short run. Orthodontic technology is rapidly improving, so this is no longer a problem which orthodontic patients have to face.

The latest in discrete orthodontic treatment is now available. Ice Braces offer patients the opportunity to achieve straight teeth without having to compromise their looks in the short run. The completely clear brace brackets mean that people will hardly notice that you have braces fitted at all, and you will be able to start seeing your perfect smile as it comes into shape.

Because of their subtle appearance, Ice Braces often appeal to:

If you are often working face to face with customers or colleagues, you may not feel comfortable having visible braces, but with the new Ice Braces your colleagues will not even know unless you tell them.

Growing up is often a tricky time a time. Ice Braces can dramatically improve children’s confidence whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Moving away from home and making new friends can be hard, but with Ice Braces you can have one less thing to worry about as you won’t be self-conscious about having a mouth full of metal.

It is not common for adults to wear braces, and it can seriously affect your confidence having to go through treatment at a later stage of your life. But Ice Braces allow a much more subtle orthodontic treatment that will not impact your confidence in the short run, and will give you fantastic results in the long run.

We know that braces can cause embarrassment for patients, both old and young, but we know we can offer you the solution. Ice Braces have completely transparent brackets which mean that they blend in with the colour of your teeth so people can hardly see them. They have a much smaller overall effect on your appearance than traditional metal braces.

Can I Benefit From Ice Braces?

Ice Braces are perfect for treating orthodontic problems including:

  • Teeth which are either wonky or crooked
  • Teeth which are out of line with each other
  • Spacing issues where teeth are either overcrowded or where there is a gap between teeth

It is very difficult to know straight away which orthodontic programme will benefit you the most. We know that this is not easy so we offer our patients a free consultation where our highly trained dentists can diagnose your issues straight away and can discuss which treatment will best suit your requirements.