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Dany Coated Archwire

What is an Archwire?

Depending on which braces you have chosen, you may have an archwire that is the function applying gentle pressure to straighten your teeth. For example, 6 month smiles and damon braces both use an Archwire.

What Are Dany Coated Archwires?

Dany (Bio Medical Tech company), have come out with an advanced archwire that has addressed many of the problems associated with standard archwires. The main problem that you could have with standard archwires was the discoloration when eating any dark foods, for example, dark sources, currys and dark drinks, coffee, red wine etc. This is the last thing you want if you have opted for the tooth colored wires for a discrete treatment.

Dany’s archwires have a special coat applied to them that will prevent this problem from happening. They have used an FDA approved green polymer coating which is non-toxic.

Dany’s Archwire Benefits

As well as stopping any discoloration, they will also provide the following benefits:

  • Long duration coating
  • No peeling
  • No fragments will come off
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Low Coefficient of friction (more comfortable for patients)

How Safe is The Material Used in This Archwire?

The material is FDA approved to class 4, which has the highest level of approval needed. As well as being used on this archwire, you can find this material on artificial hearts, which are designed for permanent use.

Can This Archwire be Used With my Orthodontic Treatment?

This will depend on the type of orthodontic system you choose. If the brace uses an archwire then this may be an applicable option. Your dentist will be happy to discuss all options at your free consultations.