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Damon Insignia

What Are Insignia Braces?

Insignia Braces are a new treatment which make use of a revolutionary digital imaging program which allows our dentists to create braces individually to fit you perfectly. Every single person’s mouth is unique when it comes to shaping, size, the distribution of teeth inside and the rate at which teeth move. This is why having a tailor made treatment is so much more effective as it targets your problems specifically, taking much less time to deliver fantastic looking results.

Insignia braces are completely unique to the individual. They work by focusing on the patient’s individual problems and only seek to move these teeth, rather than applying force and pressure to the whole mouth. By only treating the areas which need treating, Insignia braces can drastically reduce overall treatment times when compared to getting the same results with alternative treatments.

How long Will The Treatment Take To Deliver The Results I Want?

As Insignia braces are so personalised to the individual patients, the timings of the treatment will differ depending on the specific patient’s needs. It has been proven that Insignia Braces treatments can offer the same results as other treatments in just over half the time.

The treatment is faster because it exploits a natural biological force to move the teeth to their new postions. This not only means that it takes less time, but also makes the treatment much more gentler than other treatments.

What Is The Insignia Braces Treatment Plan?

After your initial free consultation and deciding to take up the Insignia Brace treatment, the treatment will consist of a few stages:

  • Impressions of your mouth and teeth will be taken
  • We will use 3D computer imaging tailor make braces which fit your mouth perfectly
  • When the braces are ready they will be fitted to your teeth
  • The patient will attend check-ups to ensure that the treatment is running smoothly. These check-ups will usually take place every 10 weeks
  • A retainer will be issued on completion of treatment if it is required