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Ankylos Smart Fix

What Is Ankylos Smart Fix Dental Implants?

Ankylos are a new revolutionary tilted dental implant system from Dentsply – a large international company who are formed by Dentspy Friadent and Astra Tech Dental.

Why Would I Want This Implants System?

If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth, or even your current denture has started to fail, then this implants system could be the right treatment for you.

Benefits of the Ankylos Smart Fix System

The main benefits of the Ankylos Smart fix system:

Avoiding Critical Anatomical Areas

By having tilted implants, we are able to easily avoid anatomical areas in your mouth, for example, this could mean in some cases there wouldn’t have to be a sinus floor elevation.

Stable Prosthetic Fit

When using tilted implants the denture (prosthesis) will cover a larger area than normal, which helps utilise the jaw bone more optimally.

Delicate Abutment Head

The abutment head used will allow for optimum freedom in diameter and height.

Secure Handling

The abutment heads come already premounted onto the seating instrument. This offers the implant incredible flexibility, especially in cases that are very restricted on space.

Sub-Crestal Placement

This means it has a lower chance of having an inflammatory response to the peri-implant tissue – very vital for the survival of the implant.

Ankylos Smart Fix Process


We will take an impressions of your jaw and x-rays to produce study models. We will construct a template of your jaw. If required, a CT scan may be needed to help us analyse the jaw density and locate where your nerves and sinuses are situated.

Implant Placement

To begin with we will administer you with either a local anesthetic or IV sedation. We will place the implants using the template or CT scan to help guide us more accurately.

Provisional Restoration

After the implants have been successfully placed, we will fix a full arch prosthesis to wear during the healing period (so the patient isn’t without teeth).

Permanent Restoration

There will be a healing period of about 3 months (will vary from patient to patient) to allow the implants to integrate with your jawbone. After the healing period is complete, we will fit the final and permanent restoration onto the implants. Depending on the treatment you have decided on, the final restoration can either be fixed or removable. Fixed solutions includes: Implant bridges (porcelain/acrylic crowns) and removable solutions includes: Over-dentures (using an implant bar attachment system).