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Advanced Lightwire Functional Therapy

What Is Advanced Lightwire Functional (A.L.F)?

The initials ALF stand for Advanced Lightwire Functionals. It is an orthodontic structure which can be applied to the inside of the patient’s teeth. The ALF has been designed to help align the teeth and the jaw bones over a period time.

ALF can be used in one of two ways. Either it can be used on its own to align a patient’s teeth, or it can be applied before a patient is given their main orthodontic treatment, which reduces the overall time that the process takes.

The ALF appliances are fitted to the patient’s dental arches (both upper and lower), where they apply a constant level of light pressure to both the teeth and the skull bones. It has been clinically proven that these light forces are more effective than sporadically applying heavy forces to the teeth and bones.

Why Would I Need To Have The A.L.F Appliance?

The ALF appliances have three main purposes:

  • To correct distortions of the skull
  • To correct dis-alignment of the Maxilla (upper jaw bone)
  • To re-align teeth to improve the patient’s bite

But the benefits of ALF are not just purely orthodontic. ALF can be applied to patients who suffer from chronic fatigue, headaches, neck and shoulder pain to help manage discomfort and to treat the symptoms indefinitely.

The A.L.F Appliance Features:

  • Improves alignment and bite without the need for cumbersome braces
  • The ALF method is very discrete because it is hidden behind the patient’s teeth. It is therefore completely invisible whilst talking or smiling
  • Unlike traditional metal braces, ALF appliances are very comfortable because they only apply light pressure to teeth and bones
  • Over the course of the treatment there is slow but consistent tooth movement which causes very little pain for patients
  • The treatment is suitable for both adults and children
  • The device is removable so cleaning teeth is not difficult. It is therefore very easy to maintain oral hygiene whilst having the treatment
  • As the device is fitted behind the teeth there is no negative effect on teeth
  • If ALF is used before undergoing other orthodontic treatments, it can decrease the amount of work needed to be done by braces, reducing the time and the cost of the overall treatment
  • The appliances require less adjustments and have to be tightened less often (roughly every 6 – 8 weeks) which means less visits to the dentist for you!
  • ALF is small and unobtrusive so it will not hamper your speech in any way